Friday, October 23, 2009

And this is why the seasons long...

Well that was fan fucking tastic.

No really it was. Wonderful. Me, personally, I enjoy getting financially ass raped for what I will admit where amazing seats, only to watch the Wings once again, play a lackadaisical game, with a complete lack of killer instinct.

I distinctly remember in the third period, during the last minute of the Wings powerplay, saying to those around me, they need to score here or we will once again watch them repeat the ridiculous pattern of losing after having the lead. Oh I was scoffed at...until it came true.

I had some thoughts I wanted to share regarding the game, but they seem a bit pointless now. The Wings, once again lost, on the road trip that was supposed to bring them together, you know all that kumbaya shit they spouted. Well it didn't seem to take place last night. Perhaps Lidstrom needs to organize some sort of trust game in the parking lot of the hotel. You know if you fall I will catch you and all that bull shit...something, because they certainly don't seem to be clicking on the ice.

Alright, despite my shitty attitude about the loss, during the first 2 periods it was nice to watch the Wings play live again. And I did have sick seats right next to their bench and the tunnel. It gave me a new perspective, watching the dynamics on the bench, line changes, bitch fests, the fact that Paul Boyer is fucking amazing and seems like the busiest person instead of providing you with in depth, insightful analysis, I'll share all the other stupid shit I noticed. That's right, the game still hurts so here we go with what I like to call pointless and strange observations:

During the pre game I noticed that much like the frat boy douche Mike Green, Todd Bertuzzi is rocking the faux hawk....well it wasn't exactly a faux hawk, it was longer, but really not a mohawk either. It was like during a drunken night a faux hawk and a mullet got together, did the dirty and that monstrosity was born..... I don't know, no matter what we choose to call it, he was too old to be sporting it.

While on the bench you could really see their personalities come out, Lebda ALWAYS has a shit eating grin...and I don't know why. It's like he knows something we don't. Like the jokes on all of us...he creeps me out.

Datsyuk laughs about everything, except for the one lovers quarrel he seemed to have with his bff. He totally pulled the bitch move of rolling his eyes and skating away. The only other thing he could have done to get his point across was to declare "whatever, talk to the hand because the face ain't listenin."

Leino always looks pissed the fuck off....always. I know his team pic makes him look like a serial killer, but he pretty much has that air about him all the time.

If one more half baked Coyotes fan yelled Dooooooooaaaaan, I was going to lose my freaking mind.

Speaking of Coyotes fans, during one of the Wings rushes (and I guess in their defense it was the flying circus) someone did yell "Gordon, the flying V!" Then he high fived all his buddies and spilled his beer on the guy in front of him.

I am pretty sure Maltby's vocabulary is limited to the word FUCK. Yes my respect level for him grew 46%. I swear to baby Jesus, that is the only word he seemed to utter to himself, his teammates, and the Coyotes...which may explain his "fight." Now where I was seated and where the wrestling match took place, it was hard to tell what was happening...I just know he ended up with a 4 minute roughing penalty for his troubles. That seems extreme for whatever was going on down there.

When Bertuzzi nearly took a puck in the face, it looks like he got his shoulder up just in time, I swear to you, the ref and the linesmen near by looked at each other and laughed...classic.

And finally, to me, Babcock always looked like he could be an intimidating guy especially when he's getting all competitive and shit. But during a commercial break, he took it to a new level when he essentially tore Zetterberg a new ass hole.....I don't know, he seems to enjoy bitching at Zetterberg this season...

I have ton of pictures to post and will do so later this afternoon after the whole work thing is completed.

Let me just end by saying that sitting where I was, watching them live, I was much more calm than I usually am. They seemed to have it under control (despite the fact that they did look like an average team). When Lidstrom stepped on the ice the confidence level for the whole team seemed to increase, they still had that Red Wings air about them. But maybe that is part of the problem. Maybe they need to get back to the basics and get back to working hard and earning every minute, every point. Something has to change.

More thoughts and pictures soon.

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