Monday, October 19, 2009

That's what she said.....

So "The Office" is one of my favorite television shows, go figure. And since I have the attention span and sense of humor of an adolescent teen boy, my favorite parts usually revolve around Michael's "that's what she said jokes." Yes please ridicule and judge all you want. So last game as I was watching the Wings/Avalanche clusterfuck, I noticed there were a lot of moments where that wonderfully mature phrase could be applied. Since news is slow today, here are my favorite "That's what she said" moments. Including many Mickey classics, well because look at the name of the blog.....

"He really got it down deep"

"Like a lumberjack fighting for the last pork chop"

"It's a shooting gallery down there."

"He got beat like a rented mule."

"The lumber is flyin"

"You have to drive hard to score."

"He is all over that."

"It's really the year he needs to score more."

"He really likes to get in there and bang around."

"That kid has more moves than a monkey on a highwire."

That's what she said.

Yes I understand this is a pathetic it Thursday yet???? *Sigh*

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