Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Wings are in Phoenix

Tomorrows the day....The Wings are in town...Finally. I haven't seen a live Wings game since last winter, and I am long overdue for my hockey fix.

But apparently now the Coyotes have decided to become competitive. Yep, wait for it....

The Phoenix Coyotes are 5-2-0.

Yeah no really they are. I know I know, if you would have told me that 2 months ago I would have believed it about as much as any of the following scenarios:

Sidney Crosby is actually capable of growing a beard...and no not the pube stash he generally rocks

Patrick Kane grows a set of balls and can stand up for himself on the ice and not just at 2am to a cab driver while"allegedly" drunk

The Maple Leafs are competitive

Gary Bettman is no longer a complete douche who in his spare time watches old games where the Wings lose while simultaneously doing jazzercise in hot pants to a Chaka Kahn cassette tape. If you need a visual think of Richard Simmons

Malkin learns to breathe through his nose

Pronger learns to read words greater than 2 syllables

Don Cherry finally admits that European players actually contribute to the NHL

Lebda does not cause me to break any household objects for an entire season

Mike Green learns to play defense, or at least doesn't blame his stick or gloves for his short comings

Anywho, moving on, tomorrow the Wings will meet a surprisingly strong Coyotes team with a hot goalie. Oh and of course this bastard that the guys from the Triple Deke enjoy bringing up. They are either harboring a not so secret mancrush or really just like the subtle cinematography of that youtube clip....I'm going to go with the later.

As I said, I will be at the game tomorrow, and will hopefully get some relatively decent pictures...but I will be at Margaritaville before, so no promises of how my photography skills will hold up....

I just hope Datsyuk will actually play so it doesn't seem as odd when I rock my Dangle Dangle tshirt....yep that's right, one perk of living in this hockey hotbed is sitting outside in 80 something degree weather before you go to a hockey game. Alright, enough being a bragging bitch.

I'll be back tomorrow night, hopefully after a decisive Red Wings win. Go Wings.

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