Thursday, October 15, 2009

One, Two, Th.....

Ready, one, two, three, VOMIT, then scream MULLIGAN. Do over, do over. I'm not even complaining about the Wings play here, despite the nervous feeling deep in the pit of my stomach only calmed my massive amounts of alcohol, I believe the Wings will work it out. They still have a number of new faces they need to integrate which is not a task well known to the Red Wings. It will take time.

So why do I want to start the season over?? All the freakin injuries. Franzen, and now Datsyuk. Datsyuk is out tonight and someone much smarter than me, Matt at On The Wings has all the information and wonders if Dangle Dangle may be hurt worse than the Wings are letting on. I can't think it, it's only 10:30 here and there is too much left in my work day. Either way tonight should be an interesting game against the Kings. Animal Drew has a positive take on the situation. And for that I thank him. His take is not completely full of unicorns with rainbows and sunshine shooting out of their asses, but it is logical and will bring some level of comfort.

In other exciting news, Babcock has taken it upon himself to call out Zetterberg. I have mixed feelings on this. Zetterberg has been fairly absent all season and if it is because of an injury than Mikey delivered a low kick to the balls. If Zetterberg is in fact fine, than maybe this is exactly what he needed. Most would think it irrational and a little insane to call out an injured leader of your team, but remember this is Babcock, a little Babcockian ass kicking has been known to get out of hand....what's that safe word again?

Either way, the Chief is not a fan of the move. I guess we will see how it shakes out tonight. Maltby and Draper are back in...oh and Lebda too so, so yeah there you go.

I'm nervous, but I'm trying to remember, this is the Red Wings....this Holland, and Babcock, and Lidstrom, and yes Zetterberg too. It's a team with pride. They'll work it out. Until then I will be in fine early season form, worrying and stressing while still displaying a tacky level of confidence.

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