Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stop me if you've heard this one before

Ok, by the time I finally decided another Red Wings loss had set in and I was ready to write about it, I discovered that the notes I took during the game were lost. Most likely eaten by my dog. No that's not a lame excuse for how pathetic this post is about to be, it's just the reality of my house. My dog eats everything, carpet, toilet paper, furniture, and of course anything I deem important. Basically she is 6 pounds of pure hell on 4 you can blame her for what you are about to read.

Some random points about the game:

Brad Watson is a donkey dick. What the fuck is wrong with him? No I am seriously asking. How can anyone really be that bad at their job and still be working? Can't they find a more competent official? How was Bertuzzi's goal not actually a goal, how was Ozzie not shoved into the net in Phoenix, and don't even get me started on the Hossa incident of 09. At this point, Gary might as well hire some trained monkeys to ref the games....they couldn't be any worse and they will at least be objective.

Bertuzzi actually played well. And yes a small part of my soul died while writing that...are you happy?

Lebda and Ericsson, sigh. I don't even know at this point. Lebda seems to think he is a forward and spends more time joining the rush than he does playing defense. And Ericsson, well where is the kid that stepped in and was clutch during last years playoffs? I would like him back please. I'll even ask nicely....pretty please? Maybe it's not really the 6'7'' beast of yesteryear, but instead some robot modeled after Brian Campbell.....if so where is Gary hiding Jonny?

Since McCrimmon seemed to struggle running the penalty kill, it appears as though Babcock has now assigned him to handle the power play. I am pretty sure the Wings could not score in a cheap whore house. Pathetic....far too much perimeter play.

I have never seen a team so capable of kicking their own asses. No really, they must be zen like masters when it comes to yoga because they continuously seem to be bend and twist and fuck things up to such a degree that they kick their own asses....masochists....

Oh and Jimmy Howard can suck it.

It is beginning to concern me that I expect the Wings to lose more than I expect them to win. Yes they lost offensive talent in the off season, yes they have a lot of new faces they need to bring together. But it is still an incredibly talented team. Their play of late is inexcusable and Babcock, Lidstrom, Zetterberg, and Holland better figure this shit out fast.

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  1. I was at this game and it just...well..sucked. I totally agree, Jimmy Howard can suck it.

    It was so disappointing. I totally understand how you felt in Phoenix. Listening to "Red Wings Suck!" all night long gets really old, really fast.