Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oh Jimmy Howard

Ok so the Wings are 2-1 this post season. Not bad for a series of completely meaningless games. However, will that stop me from some "minor" bitching about one particular goalie who alone will cause me to have a heart attack....absolutely not.

The Wings out shot Buffalo 43-20 and lose 3-1. Hmmmm ok well to me, as a casual fan (ha yes lightning nearly struck me down for that lie) this is a typical occurrence for the Wings. They often outshoot and offensively dominate the other team. I've said it more times than Bettman insisted hockey in the desert was a good thing, a goalie for the Red Wings does not have to steal the fucking game, he simply has to stay mentally focused and make the saves between long bouts of boredom while the other teams defense is being methodically tortured and embarrassed. Perhaps despite the 15 years Howard has been with the Wings organization he didn't realize this. Maybe Ozzie didn't fill him on that little piece. For fucks sake, I swear, my doctor is going to have to write a note to Holland begging him to keep Howard out of the Wings lineup, or I will have some sort of stroke, panic attack, or other medical condition due to the stress of watching Howard attempt to play in the NHL. Ok that was super bitchy, and I promised to hold my Howard rants to a minimum at least until November, but suck it, I can't.

On a more positive note, Tomas Tatar has signed a 3 year contract with the Wings and is looking quite confident and like a great match for the greatest organization in sports. His play has also caused fans across the Internet to contemplate nicknames for the young Tater. Tot seems to be the front runner. I thought of that too, thinking no one else would and I would be all clever and shit....apparently I'm not. I've never been strong in the nicknames department so I'll just call him small fry or something equally as stupid and corney. I'm not sure I can call him tatar tot as I immediately crave middle school cafeteria food or think of Napoleon Dynamite.

Alight I'll just end this with Datsyuk, or Dangle Dangle if you will, is still a talented little bastard and it will never get old watching him play. I could be one of "those" people who watch his youtube clips over and over again. Shut up, don't judge, if you're reading this blog you probably do the same.

Next game, Monday in New York.

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  1. I do watch Datsyuk clips all the f*cking time too.

    He's such a joy to watch. I don't know how I enjoyed the Wings this much BEFORE him.

    And when Rosby fans ask about "well what was DATSYUK like his first 5 years in the league?" I answer with youtube clips and say "oh and he didn't punch people in the sack, as an added bonus."