Friday, March 5, 2010

Will we see a return of KronWall?

Blah blah blah. Even with the Wings seeming to play every other day until April, the news is slow. I hate days like this. But at least it's Friday. Tonight the Wings play Nashville. Thanks to a win last night, the Predators have a 5 point lead over the Wings. Much more cushy and comfy than the Wings 1 point lead over the 9th place teams. Fuck my life.

So in an effort to maintain my sanity, below are some pointless questions or comments, or drunken (shut up its 9am here) ramblings about tonight's game:

  • Will Jimmy Howard be able to rebound from the Osgood inflicted brainwashing he received over the Olympic break? As much as I love Olympic hockey and am a proponent for the NHL players inclusion, I was worried about the effect this would have on young James. A hot goalie having to take a 2 week break, clearly a poor idea.
  • A friend asked my why all hockey players wear gold chains? Never noticed it before, but he's right. Interesting question and sometimes a horrible fashion choice.
  • Ericsson is rightfully benched tonight. His play of late makes me want to break a piece of IKEA furniture and burn the pieces. Yes I'm hardcore like that. But seriously, how fucked up is this year if Lebda is replacing Ericsson? I think all Wings fans deserve some sort of reward for this. Perhaps the hockey gods could finally leak the pictures of Crosby and Bettman in "compromising" positions. Hey it's called a casting couch for a reason. We don't judge here, we love and accept.
  • Lilja meets up with Shea Weber for the first time since a punch to the chin took him out of commission for a year. Please stay away from Weber. And on a side note, after watching Canada in the Olympics, that big lumberjacks shot scares me more than the thought of Patrick Kane in a limo.
  • Will KronWall return tonight or will we be subjected to KroVall the sequel? Please no, my system can't take being pissed about two Swedes at once. It's a like a double negative that turns into a positive that brings me back to wondering why Lebda's in the lineup to finally cursing Bettman and the salary cap while lying in a pile of half eatten doughnuts. Don't judge me.
  • Will the Wings play with the passion of a jilted Housewife (the ABC version not the Real Housewives of Atlanta version, those bitches are too classy to be jilted) or will they actually stay awake for three full periods?
  • Bertuzzi has officially been moved to the third line. What will possibly get him out of his scoring slump? I believe a TOV male acappella version of the "Mantuzzi" (is this copyrighted yet?) song is the only solution. It doesn't matter if it's painful to us, it's for the good of the whole Wings Nation.

Sure there's no point to the nonsense above, but is there really ever a point to anything at Bingo Bango?

At least I FINALLY posted twice in the same week. Small victories.


  1. You had me at ...."shut up it's 9 am here." And took it home with various fucks and Michigan State University. You, young lady, have a new reader for life. Life.

  2. Well Webber getting injured should balance the universe, however horrible it is that I'm saying this. I like the kid, I hate to see him get injured, but if it had to happen, it must be Karma that made it happen on tonight of all nights.

    Also, Jimmah was pretty good. And Darren I asked Drew if "I had that work ethic", where would I be now? Probably working, I guess is the correct answer. But I prefer his answer, making millions of dollars.

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