Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh was that an important game?

Honestly I couldn't tell based on the Red Wings first period and third period play. Just like the Chicago game, a complete effort, from anyone not on Pavel Datsyuk's line, was nonexistent. I don't know. I don't get it. It's frustrating when 2 minutes change an entire game and Nashville of course decides to beat Atlanta. Bye bye number 8 playoff spot.

Below is a short, often irrelevant recap of the game. I just don't have the energy for anything longer.

  • Since the media was making such a big deal (and secretly jacking off to the idea of him breaking this) about Iginla's Red Wings goal drought, you just knew he was going to break that tonight, and he did.

  • I forgot how much I missed watching a Ken and Mickey broadcast. If nothing less, Mick never disappoints with his random facts or weird observations. For example, did you know that both Datsyuk and Ovechkin shaved their faces. Oooo ahhhh very interesting.

  • Matt over at OTW had an interesting debate with a lovely gentlemen named Garth after Matt implied Zetterberg hasn't been playing great. Well sorry Garth, but I'm with Matt on this one and I'm more convinced than ever that he's playing through some sort of injury.

  • In the first period both teams seemed tentative and nervous, but overall the Flames seemed to have a little extra effort or confidence. It gave them the edge allowing them to be just a bit more dominate.

  • The Wings were also guilty of numerous turnovers in the first. None more noticeable than Williams perfect pass in the slot to a Calgary forward. Luckily Jimmy came up big.

  • Either way the period ended 0-0 and it was a relief. The Wings easily could have been behind.

  • The first intermission had an awkward Lilja interview which John Keating began by instructing him to take his helmet off so all the ladies could see how handsome he is. For fucks sake....

  • Anyway, somewhere early in the second the Flames score after the Wings fail to clear the zone and Zetterberg can't reach the puck. Also somewhere in there Mickey begins to lament the fact that goaltenders go down too early these days. So many jokes, so many horrible jokes if only I had the motivation.

  • For some time after that goal the Flames looked like they were on the power play. Lidstrom even had to brilliantly stop an Iginla breakway.

  • But right after that play, Datsyuk restores hope and scores tying the game. Oh and did I mention his goal was the result of a beautiful feed from Homer. That line has been playing great. And since the Olympic break, every game has been Dangelishis. He's so noticeable it seems like he's always on the ice.

  • Mickey nearly pisses his pants with excitement over a big Patrick Eaves hit

  • I hate Todd Bertuzzi. I don't care if he has a catchy Mantuzzi song and can put together a good game every once in awhile. It's games like this that make me want to beat him with a wood hockey stick, just so it won't break easily.

  • Before Kronwall's injury he was having a great season....after, while not always terrible, I'll admit I often become quite concerned when he has the puck. Dammit. However, we did learn that he has 40 plus pairs of shoes. Thanks FSD. Excessive, no amateur. I'm still finding creative ways to store all my shoes. Seriously, right here, I will be the little old lady that could live in her shoes.

  • The first Wings powerplay looked great. A ton of pressure in front of the net from Homer, Mule and even The Perfect Human. Certainly made me realize how much I missed Franzen, especially when he laughs after the whistle at all the frustration he caused. Awesome. But not nearly as great as Homer's go ahead redirect goal. 2-1 Wings

  • But that's about where the fun ends. After, in the third period, Iginla scores and then less than 2 minutes later they score again, you knew it was done. Over. Despite having 6 skaters to their 4 (PP and extra skater) near the end of the game the Wings couldn't get it done.

Yes I'm frustrated, possibly pissed, definitely not sure what to think. There were moments of brilliance. Datsyuk's line for one, the power play, some good defensive plays, but again they couldn't string together a win. The hope is still there, but the fear is also growing.

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