Thursday, March 11, 2010

Henrik Zetterberg to Everyone "Fuck Off."

Well for fucks sake, this is a Thursday I can get on board with. Saying that the Wings win against the Wild was decisive is like saying that Colin Campbell is a fucking idiot. Yep, it was that obvious. Fantastic team effort. Fantastic 60 minute effort. I almost forgot what that fucking felt like.

Now in the past, I would normally jump up and down like Michael Scott on a sugar high proclaiming this game, this very game, as a turning point in the Wings season. And yes I would normally do that with only 15 games remaining. But in keeping with my new zen, calm, attitude, I will chose to suppress my inner Scott, and simply repeat my previous mantra. This was a game, the Wings won, they were awarded the 2 points. And as an FYI, inside I'm having a full blown party with pin the tail on Gary and a Chris Pronger dart board. Shut up, I realize that sounds weird.

Anywho, moving on, below are my mellow, refined, and yet incoherent thoughts about the game.
  • First and foremost, so happy that the NHL Network had the FSD feed. Sure we had their terrible pregame and intermission reports. And sure I had to endure those awful commercials with closeups of hockey players sweating more than Ken Hitchcock on a treadmill, but Mickey and a drunk Murph, totally worth it.
  • Well that and we were able to see Datsyuk's goal of the week again. I have to say, his goofy weird double fist pump (the Situation is pissed he didn't think of that first) celebration was probably the best part.
  • From the puck drop the Wings looked poised and guess what, they executed a little puck possession.
  • The first goal was from, wait for it, wait for it, the Datsyuk line. That shift was all sorts of amazing. I actually felt the need to double check and see if they were on the powerplay. Their puck movement was that good. After some good hustle from Homer in the corner, Franzen has a great shot and scores. Damn, I missed him.
  • I noticed Bertuzzi twice tonight. Once when he over skated the puck and also when he took a penalty. Well done. Totally worth the salary.
  • May I just say welcome back Lilja. Golf claps, finger snaps and an amen. 2 years ago, I never thought I would miss him so much.
  • With that said, he did take a tripping penalty in the first and Koivu nearly scored. I certainly hope Jimmy made love to that goal post after the game. Show a little gratitude James.
  • Darren Helm draws another penalty soon after negating the Lilja tripping nonsense. Does anyone have any stats on how many penalties Helm has drawn? Unbelievable.
  • You know things were really clicking when Homer scores a goal from the point. I can't remember ever seeing him score from that far out. I'm pretty sure the refs looked around wondering how they could call goaltender interference.
  • About 56 seconds later, HENRIK ZETTERBERG SCORES. On a random, unexpected line combo, Eaves works hard behind the net and gets the puck to a wide open, and I mean wider than a 1990's Pamela Anderson for Zetterberg's 19th goal of the season. Exactly what he needed.
  • Zetterberg and Eaves both had great games. That extra gear everyone was asking Z to turn on, well he did so while giving us the middle finger. Even without that goal, it would have been a fantastic game for the future captain. And Eaves. Wow, bow down to Holland folks, what an acquisition.
  • Tonight was Zetterberg's and Homer's 19th goals of the season. It was also the 16th remaining game. Two very important numbers in Red Wings history. The stars really did align.
  • A non drunk Murphy line tonight, "Homer plays with heart." Enough said.
  • The first period looked poised to end 3-0, if only the damn Wild didn't score with 20 seconds left. Still a great effort.
  • We learned a little something about John Keating tonight folks. He refrained from sexually harassing Zetterberg during their entire interview, which leads me to believe Lilja is his favorite Swede.
  • Despite past precedent, the Wings came back and dominated the second and third periods as well. It was fantastic to see.
  • There was even a Kronwalled sighting. Welcome back.
  • Miller scored his first short handed goal after a great play between himself and Filppula. While the puck did not go off his foot, the goal was of course reviewed. I half expected the league to declare there was a distinct kicking motion with a body party other than a foot. They can make shit up like that, it's the NHL folks.
  • Favorite line of the night was from Mickey, of course, referring to the discovery of Crosby's "lost" hockey stick, "We can get on with our lives." I know I can. Crisis averted.
  • Helm made a bid for back up goaltender duties late in the third with a diving save.
  • Franzen had his second goal of the game making it 5-1. Mick slowly but surely fell in love with the Mule's hands.....yeah that was a weird sentence for a number of reasons, but it stays.
  • The NHLN cuts back late from commercial to Ken saying "you tease Mick, you tease." Yep.
  • The microphones were great this game, by the bench, and at the end when you hear the heads up to Kronwall. Luckily he got out of Clutterfucks way. Haha see what I did there. Yes I know lame.

The game was a solid, puck possession, team effort. They controlled the tempo and for once seemed confident that the lead could be maintained throughout the entire game. They didn't sit back, nor did they act petrified. The Wings were in control until the final whistle. Well done. Well done. Now, can they string two of these performances together? Here's hoping for the same level of play on Saturday.

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