Saturday, March 6, 2010

How did I miss that game

Of course I missed it. The one game I couldn't watch and the one game not on the DVR (don't ask why it wasn't recorded, touchy subject.), was apparently a fantastic Red Wings effort. So what does this all mean? Well a completely rational, logical, and sane person would deduce that I'm bad luck this season, and when I watch they lose. Luckily, I'm currently too hung over to posses any of those characteristics. So I'm just going to assume the leaders of the team had enough and demanded more from themselves and the other players.

Even though I didn't watch the game, a wonderful little Al Gore invention, allowed me to view the Datsyuk goal. Unbelievable. Datsyuk has had enough. He's been embarrassed in the Olympics and has decided if him and Darren Helm have to do it on their own, the Wings are making the fucking playoffs. Seriously, it's not even a possibility for them to not make a 19th consecutive playoff appearance. 19. For fucks sake the number 19. 19 is far too important of a number for The Organization and Datsyuk decided to make sure they reach that milestone. Alright, stepping off my soap box. That was far too exhausting for the way I feel today.

Anywho, Darren Helm had 2 goals last night and his third shorty of the year. And yes I realize "Third Shorty" should totally be the name of a cheesy rap song. The only remaining question is what will his stage name be? I'm open to suggestions.

I haven't read anywhere about how Kronwall played. I'm choosing to take that as a good thing and assume it means he successfully kidnapped and destroyed the evil KronVall with copious amounts of lingon berry sauce. Whatever it takes.

Tomorrow is Chicago. A huge game for a number of reasons. I'm hoping they can build off the momentum from last nights win and earn 2 more points.

Another reason to hate Gary and NBC, I'll be eating cheerios while watching the game and avoiding the socially unacceptable morning drink. Thanks a lot ass holes.


  1. maybe his name should be "shorty" becuse he ALWAYS looks like the shortest guy on the roster when he's playing. not that he really is the shortest guy (he's listed as 6' 00") but beacuase he's always skating balls out...