Thursday, March 11, 2010

And so we meet again

Another day, another game. This time they meet the Wild. After the Wings single handily took 2 years off my life on Tuesday, I've decided to take a zen like approach to the rest of the season. I now drink chi tea, practice yoga, meditate, and only think positive thoughts about all of those around me. And yes, I fully expect this new state of mind to end before I finish this post. I'll be back to drinking, avoiding unnecessary exercise and cursing Gary Bettman at least 7 times a day.

But in all seriousness, no longer will I be mentioning a "Big Game" or stressing the importance of beating any one particular team. It clearly doesn't work out.

So tomorrow there's a hockey game. Some people will play, someone will win, and 2 points will be awarded. So yeah, it's March 11th and I'm the epitome of relaxation...yep. If I keep saying it over and over I'm sure I'll begin to believe it.

I'm pressed for time, so here's just a few random videos for your viewing pleasure:

The Wings play the Wild and below is my all time favorite Red Wings, Wild moment. And yes, I realize neither player is still on that respective team, but I don't give a fuck. It's still awesome.

George very succinctly, pointed out that the Wings Issues may stem from a lack of confidence. And well I'm sold. I drank the koolaid. I think lack of confidence is strongly affecting them as well as pressure and perhaps the fact this season has caused them to forget hockey is game. And thus they need to just enjoy it and have fun.

While randomly searching youtube I ran across this old, awkward, and somewhat cheesy video. But at least the team seemed to be enjoying themselves, which is what they need to do now.

Hopefully they can pull it together, because I'm sure this guy's not ready to lose again.

And I'm damn sure this guy does not want all of his hustle and effort to go to waste.

And finally, I guarantee you the team doesn't want to feel like this again.

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