Monday, February 1, 2010

Boom, Roasted

Well the Mike Babcock, Ozzie bitch slap/ ball stomping, comment has now made the rounds. I officially saw it for the first time at The Triple Deke. It was subtle right? Very interesting Babcock. I'm not a genius, but I don't have to read between the lines on that one.

None the less this whole public flogging reminds me of Michael Scott's version of an office wide roast. Yes, check out the clip if you need a little giggle on this Monday morning.

For some weird reason I envision Babcock standing in the middle of the dressing room going:

Leino, you suck. Boom, roasted.

Williams, you cry like a little girl. Boom, roasted.

Bertuzzi, your faux/mohawk automatically makes you a douche. Boom, roasted.

May, Lebda could kick your ass. Boom, roasted.

Datsyuk, you speak English bad. Boom, roasted.

Jimmy, you're American and JR said I hate Americans. So Boom, roasted.

Maltby, yeah, enough said. Boom, roasted.

Not that Babcock is in anyway Michael Scott, but I just imagine that his insults are neither clever nor unique, but instead confusing or straight to the point.

Let's wait and see if Ozzie has any response. I imagine it involves a middle finger and a Bingo Bango approved amount of FUCKS.

In good news, Kronwall appears to be ok. So yeah, thank you baby Jesus.


  1. Ozzie's response:

  2. Also, outstanding visual with the roast. Good for a stifled laugh right in the middle of class.