Friday, February 12, 2010

Wings 2, Sharks 3 (SO)

Well the Wings didn't win, they didn't sweep the sharks, but it was a better game, and they did come out of it all with a point. So that's something. Enough, what they needed, no. But at least they didn't play like a bunch for 2 year olds who haven't napped for the day. So yeah, an improvement.

In some ways it was a little deja vu of last year. The Wings had 40 plus shots, the other teams goaltender pulled his pants down and said I'm bigger than you are, and despite long periods of domination, the Wings still lost. Painful yes, but much better than the alternative we've witnessed the rest of this season.

Below are my random thoughts about the game, or other nonsense. It's early, I can't promise anything.

  • While watching Franzen's "pre game interview," I became concerned he had shaved the gigolo mustache fans across North America have become so very fond of. But alas, during the game it reappeared. Since he is Johan Franzen, I'm pretty sure he can grow facial hair on demand. But what's sad, I've taken the time to note this. Never since Apolo Ohno's facial landing strip have I been so convinced a mans hair can affect his game.
  • Ok moving on, Ryan Clowe is an ass licker. But I didn't have to tell you that. Filppula took a nice elbow to the head. Clowe obviously argued the penalty because come on, it was quite clear Filppula's face injured his elbow. Blondie should have been given two for either interference of for roughing up Clowe's money maker, he is a natural beauty.
  • The Wings looked good through the first. The defense was finally making some decent outlet passes, and the forwards were quick through the neutral zone. It was weird.
  • Brett Lebda has been receiving a great deal of flak, some believe rightfully so, others not so much. Well either way, last night the linesmen felt a little bad for Brett, so he hoped on his lap for a little mid game dance. Everyone kept their pants on.
  • Howard had some unbelievable saves, once again. I'm still working on eating all the shit I spewed about him earlier this season....
  • When Homers gone, you really do forget how much that bastard does for the team. After getting stripped searched and a full rectal exam in front of the net, Homer finally drew a penalty. That man certainly works for his money more than a male "escort" working the night shift in Vegas. Meech missed an open net on the delayed penalty. I think it was a delayed tribute to poor Sammy who is still untwisting his bunched up panties over the Olympic "snub."
  • But on that PP, Franzen scores top shelf. Awesome. Beautiful wrister. Nothing more to say but, we missed you Johan Franzen.
  • Well the celebration was short lived as the Sharks scored seconds later.
  • A little out of sequence here, but did I mention yet that Tomas Holmstrom negated an icing? No really, Helm didn't get confused and accidentally put on Homer's sweater. Wouldn't you feel like such an ass if you were the Shark beaten by Homer coming back after missing time due to a bruised knee? Either way, I now feel bad that during the last TOV podcast I compared his skating to that of a drunken monkey...
  • San Jose took the lead late in the first. Really fucking late actually with about 10 seconds left. Ericsson forgot he was playing defense, or really playing hockey at all, and left his man wide open. I've got nothing. He's done it too often this year to even talk about it again.
  • A some point Mickey (I really have missed Ken and Mick during the road trip) noted that Clowe (yes that ass licker again) tried to "make Homer a soprano." Awesome line, and yet it's all very confusing to me. Why do guys, well some guys like Clowe and Crosby, enjoy hitting other guys in the nuts? I don't get it? I played sports growing up and never chose to hit another girl in the boob...seems weird. Anyway Clowe is still a douche.
  • Usually during the FSD broadcasts, Mickey and a drunk Murph are the ones to bring the laughs while Ken Daniels just attemps to make sure everyone gets through the broadcast safely. But last night, he did have the line of the game. During the third period, Jody Shelley (yes he has two girl names) hit the crossbar, cue Ken "Good thing that was offense." Oh I'm sure none would be taken.
  • Is it just me or does Filppula seem so much stronger this season both along the boards and on the puck. It's not as though he was every weak in this area, he just has improved so much.
  • Jason Williams ends up tying the game. However it was reviewed. Well obviously.
  • Ericsson (at an inopportune time) decides to fight Clowe. He got a nice first shot it. But the rest of the fight was a bit unimpressive. Despite his poor play as of late, I would like Holland to issue a proclamation (he's Ken Holland, he does have that kind of power) that no more Swedes are to fight. Ever. And under the signed document would be a giant picture of Lilja.
  • After that there is a little overtime, a little Wings PP during overtime, a shoot out that consists of Dangle, Williams, and Bert...and the Wings lose. I hate the shoot out for so many reasons.

Last night Ken Daniels also insightfully informed us that Ken Holland would be making a roster move today. In other breaking news, Larry Murphy puked after the game and Johan Franzen's teeth are revolting against his mouth.

A much better effort from the Wings last night. But they need more than just the effort, they need 2 points from at least SOME of their games. I suppose it is a step in the right direction.

I wonder what the turn around can be attributed to. Perhaps player leadership? I still don't buy the Babcock scenario. Is he a players coach? Fuck no. Was Scotty Bowman? Yeah he was about as much of a players coach as I am a delicate flower. It's time for the leaders in the dressing room to push their team, and perhaps last night, that's what happened.

Hopefully the momentum carries over into tomorrows game.

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