Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Obstructed View, Episode 2

Episode two of the Obstructed View is now up. This week it's the Chief from Able to Yzerman, George from Snapshots, and myself. Yes I'm well aware that luck of the draw put me with two of the best. I certainly tried my hardest not to sound like a complete idiot.....hopefully my mission was accomplished.

The NSFW podcast covered a wide range of topics including the Chicago game and 'creatively' finding any and every opportunity to use the word dick. Which was uncomfortable for me since I really hate swearing. If you have virgin ears as well you may have to ear muff it at times.

Definitely a fun experience and the first time that I realized my voice sounds like a prepubescent boy. Really hate to fucking listen to myself ramble on, but anyway check it out.


  1. Just wanted to drop by and say excellent job on the podcast. You were great. It's awesome getting to hear my favorite Wings bloggers talk candidly about dicks... and even hockey.

  2. The podcast was brilliant. The frequent dick jokes fit perfectly with discussions of Pinky. Nicely done.

    --Seaner in Sharkville

  3. Possibly a little too hard on Ozzie on the podcast for my liking, but that was mostly Chief. I know he didn't play 'great,' but how is he supposed to 'steal' a game when his team scores zero? But everything else I was satisfied with. I enjoy the podcasts, they are really a great idea. Good work.