Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Friday Fuckers

Apparently Zetterberg will be out a minimum of 2 weeks with a "slightly" separated shoulder.

Ohlund has now become the second most hated person in Sweden after the whore fucker Tiger Woods.

The hits keep coming. As I said last night, we are on 3 sets of 3, so it has to be coming to a close. And shut up, I didn't jinx anything because at this point it's just not possible.

On a side note, anyone who thinks Babcock is a sub par coach can suck a dick. The fact that they are even holding on to a playoff position speaks volumes of the players dedication and heart, Babcocks talent, and the fact that Holland is a fucking genius for holding strong on Jimmy, and picking up Miller and Eaves. I tip my hat (not a fedora) to you sir.

Hopefully someone in the media covering the Wings will pull their head out of their ass long enough to give us additional updates on Zetterbergate. You know like will the janitor or the concession stands employee be called up to center the 4th line.

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