Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hawks 3, Griffins 0

Yeah, yeah, the Hawks beat a terribly depleted Red Wings team. Congratulations. Enjoy it. Celebrate it, when in reality they should be pissed the fuck off. Instead every Hawks fan should be wondering why they didn't beat the Griffins by 10 goals. Because all we keep hearing is what a powerhouse they are. How much better they are.

And yet with the Wings down 8 starters including their future captain, the only reason the Hawks even won by 3 is because regular season Ozzie was in net. Oh that's right. After last playoffs I promised I wouldn't doubt Osgood, but then he plays like that.

Check out D4L for my full game recap. I wrote it immediately following the game so it may have been a bit harsher than I had intended. In reality I'm mostly just angry with Ozzie and Leino.

Sigh. I'm counting down the days for the Wings to heal. Because when they do, after what they have been through, the fuckers in Chicago and everywhere else will have a pissed off, feisty, hard working Red Wing team to contend with. And I'm not sure anyone will be able to contain them.


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  9. Heard you on TOV, awesome podcast. Anyway, you were pretty dead on about the Hawks vs. Griffins game. What happened the last time they played our regulars? They lost 3-0. (Or was it 3-1?) The time they played all our regulars before that? They went home, Wings went to the SCF, alhough I won't discuss what happened next.

    What part of AZ do you live in? I'm in west Chandler myself.