Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Well that was entertaining

I know that everyone and there mother (mine included) has already seen this, but I still feel it warrants posting.

Some man with a Kevin Federline rejected fedora and a sad excuse for a pinky ring decided to attack the Chief completely unprovoked. Not liking the response he received, he then decided to attack the city of Detroit, and the state of Michigan and all those affected by both the auto industry and the down turn of the economy. He seems to feel those working in a factory are simply beneath him and his high level of "intelligence." Perhaps it would be pertinent if he also realized that when the main industry upholding a state begins to collapse, others outside of those plants and that industry may also be affected. So in my opinion he can suck a Richard.

Anyway, the little man with the little pinky ring decided to throw his fedora in with the big boys and he didn't like the response. I equate the situation to the following. Witnessing the ugly girl with a slight mustache and breast envy making fun of the popular girl in school because, well, she's popular. The popular girl didn't do anything to her, never spoke to her, she simply has more friends and greater notoriety, and it chaps the little girls ass. So when the popular girl walks into the locker room, over hears the bitchiness and mindless rants of the mustached one, a battle ensues. And as always, the shit talker decides they don't like the heat and will pretend to be suddenly above it all.

Apparently this all started with Kevin Federline's desire to get credentials for all his fellow bloggers and in the process decided the Chief is the sole reason for this failure. While my opinion doesn't matter I'll share it anyway. There are a number of reasons that the NHL won't give many bloggers credentials, and it's certainly not because some people are biased fans who favor the word bitches. Myself personally, I would have no business walking into the locker room and attempting to whip up a story. None. My lack of training and lack of creativity would essentially turn out the same recap as if I just watched the game at home. Would most bloggers be able to dig deep and find the "real" story, I don't know. I imagine my conversation would go something like this:

Me: So (insert any Red Wing/Griffin player) what do you think of the whole Tiger Woods debacle? (Yes that is how deep I would probably go)

Red Wing/Griffin player: Well I think we played a tough game. We worked on making the simple plays and grinding hard in the corners, it just wasn't going in for us.

Me: No, No, that's not what I asked. We just found out that Tiger Woods is a dirty whore fucker despite the fact that he has a hot Swedish model wife, you're thoughts on what his next move should be?

Red Wing/Griffin player: We just need to keep playing our game. This is both an experienced team with strong veteran's and good energetic kids. Keep grinding hard and the wins will come

Me: Oh fuck it. I'm going to the bar.

Now I'm not saying that all bloggers would be as shallow or unqualified as myself. In the Wings blogosphere there are many who would probably get a fantastic story. The Chief for one, Tyler at the Triple Deke would probably discover something that would leave me embarrassed after wetting my pants, Matt at On the Wings, Animal Drew, and the list of Wings bloggers goes on. I'm sure they would do a fantastic job. But not bloggers across the league. The NHL is at fault for making a blanket policy but don't blame a different writing style or a different opinion on why Jim Bob can't get his credentials. If someone wants press credentials, put in the time and work and show you deserve them.

Stepping off soap box. At the very least, Kevin gave us an interesting day on the internet.


  1. WINGS_FAN_IN_KC says:

    What's really hilarious is the fact that an internet (Google search) for this fucktard reveals that he's full of shit. His profiles say he's got a business degree from some shithole poduck college.....after he flunked out of U of N Dakota that is.

    He also works at HOME DEPOT part time to support his pursuit of a writer's career. Like I said in the beat down, every waiter in Hollywood is an "actor" so I guess he's a "writer". Funnier is that after I threw this in his face, he got all squirrelly and claimed I had threated him and his family - both bullshit accusations - and claimed to be turning the matter over to the cops. LOSER! Then he goes back and systematically deletes every post I made that exposed his lies and BANS me from the site so his followers won't see what a fake he is.

    Fucking coward. Sissy boy, poser, asshat dickwad. Yeah, that about sums it, Jess, how's things??



  2. I hate typos!

    poduck = podunk

    threated = threatened

    What I really hate are these dipshits (like Bryan Reynolds and Dwayne Klessel) who start crap and then when you fire back they puss out and ban you from the site. They can't take the heat.

  3. I kind of like "poduck" though. Maybe it's a hockey-playing podunk from Anaheim?

  4. W_F_I_KC


    Yup, could be!

  5. It Was really hilarious i have enjoyed every second of it.