Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Karma can be a nasty bitch with a long memory

Or in Shane Doan's case, a short memory.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, I can't decide at this point, I missed most of the first period. I walked in with about 4 minutes left and was shocked to see the score at 2-1, Wings. I rejoiced. I laughed, I smiled, and I frantically tried to get my laptop to cooperate in order to see just who scored, Bertuzzi? Zetterberg? Datsyuk? Draper?

Oh no my friends, imagine my shock when I looked at the box score and saw that Newbury scored the Wings first goal. That tattooed fucker was making a splash just when the Wings needed it most. And the second goal was less surprising, but still another role player, Patrick Eaves. Normally I wouldn't mention this out of fear or a gypsy jinx, but at this point perhaps jinxing the Wings will actually counteract the black magic that is currently taking place. You know a double negative. So here we go, Patrick Eaves seems to be another cast aside reclamation project for the Wings. The guy wasn't even supposed to be playing and look at the impact his energy alone brings, fantastic.

So while basking in the 2-1 lead with the first period coming to an end, I go to the A2Y live blog and see the news that makes me feel as though someone smacked me in the face with a giant dildo. Ericsson is out with a knee injury. Mother fucker. Are you fucking kidding me? Past injuries caused me to experience the typical stages of grief. Oh believe me I begged and bartered with baby Jesus. But this time. Numbness. Nothing. I expected it, just as I expect to see Leino and Lebda play like two eunuchs. Apparently I'm hearing its a sprain and he'll be out a couple of weeks. I'm reserved. Kindle will perhaps be brought up.

The injury was a result of a knee to knee collision with Shane Doan. Not a dirty play, but what was whorish was the laughter apparently Shane had immediately following Ericsson's injury. I always Knew he was a bitch. Living in Phoenix I have seen my fair share of Coyotes games (yes you can pity me later) and I have never understood why people think Doan is such a fantastic player. The term Overrated was created for players just like him. And for fucks sake, he has the most obnoxious fan cheer ever. Say it with me in a deep creepy voice saved for serial killers and Todd Bertuzzi, DOOOOOOOOOAN. Yep. Constantly. At every game. Probably even if he weren't playing. Coyote fans are smart like that. So when he took a random puck to the face soon after his ass whole behavior. I smiled. I giggled. I relished in his pain. Baby Jesus, Santa, and the Easter Bunny all got together to give us a small gift. To let us know they understand that the hockey gods and the Tooth Fairy (I'm convinced that bitch is against us too) are being unjust.

Anyway, below are the defensemen left:


In some ways it's easier to list the players still here than it is to remember all of the injuries.

Because look at the fucked up injury list below:



Holy shit is right. My attention span isn't even long enough to type all of those names.

Sigh. Below are some short random thoughts about the game:

  • The Wings three goal scorers were Newbury, Eaves, and Meech. And the fact that I was not surprised at all that our top players didn't score, made me a little sad, and yet proud that the Wings can still get it done.
  • Apparently Matt Stafford likes hockey and showed up to the game. I'm pretty sure no one in attendance knew who the hell he was
  • Did Leino play in the first two periods? Honestly? The only reason I know he was present in the third was because Babcock had him out in the last minute which I can only assume was to build his confidence. Too bad Leino failed to control the puck multiple times giving the Coyotes even more opportunities
  • At some point late in the second, a Wing (or a Griffin) went down kinda sorta hard at center ice. Normally, I would not have given it a second thought. This season, I cringed.
  • Maltby had some good opportunities. Played a solid energy game.
  • The beginning of the first (so I hear) the second, and the third, the Wings controlled the tempo, had good energy and fought hard against the boards. At the end of each period they seemed to sit back hoping to hold onto the lead. Painful to watch yet still a good effort overall.
  • The Bertuzzi, Datsyuk, and Homer line looked very good
  • Where the hell did this Red Wings PK came from? Is it the same place the PP is hiding?
  • Howard had another great game which earned him the start on Thursday

Overall a solid game by a depleted Wings team. They fought hard, had good energy, and were able to grind out a win. 3 in a row now, and the first in three games without a Bertuzzi goal.

Just a weird, weird season. But you have to admire their drive and effort. What other team could do this?


  1. I'm really, really liking Patrick Eaves. My mom says he looks like a guy on some show on USA, but even her drunken rants can't spoil this for me. I like watching guys who truly appear to give a shit, and Eaves is a quintessential give-a-shitter.

    - Tyler

  2. What does that say about me if I know EXACTLY who you're mom is talking about. Maybe I'm just drunk at 7 in the morning....but now that you mention it, I think she's right.