Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Turnaround Continues Tonight??

A lot has happened since I have been attempting to fight this damn flu going around. So here is my best effort at a pathetic recap of the weekend’s events with a promise of better things to come.

First and foremost it seems as though Babcock has become a fan of some “psychological corporal punishment” this season. Wait, does that even make sense? Oh fuck it. I like it so it stays. Anyway, first Babcock called Zetterberg out in the media and we have seen quite a turn around. Despite a certain ESPN writers assertion that Zetterberg is past is prime he is currently at a PPG pace. The team’s future captain has really answered the call. Next, Babcock administered a minor spanking to one of his favorites. Yep no one is spared in the house of Babcock. What could have been seen as unnecessary, Babcock decided to bench a ‘struggling’ Darren Helm. Next game, Helm is a plus 3, and had one goal and one assist. He now makes up a dynamic and speedy third line clicking with both Draper and Eaves. And on Saturday, Babcock rightfully decided to bench Leino, giving him a little public bitch slapping and a chance to sit and watch his peers. The question now remains how will Leino respond? Positively like his peers? This one I’m not so sure. I’ve questioned from the beginning whether Leino and Babcock would get along. I guess this will be the first test for Ville. A test to see his commitment and ability to handle the little Babcock ball stomping that goes with playing for the Wings. I hope Babcock can make it three for three.

Either way there has been a great deal of speculation regarding his coaching ability. Whether he still has the respect of his players. Whether he has what it takes to lead the Wings on the path to a modern day dynasty. Well for me personally, I’ll look to his past history of a Stanley Cup and two consecutive finals appearances. And the present, his ability to meld 6 new forwards into a Wings line up that for years past has consistently held firm while also dealing with the expected complacency of players and devastating long term injuries of two of your top 4 forwards. Wow, just typing that made me tired, just think how you would feel if you were attempting to manage that. I think as Wings fans, instant gratification has been expected and provided over the years. This season however, that feeling of satisfaction, that mocking of others, may take some time.

With their play on Saturday in Calgary, it seemed as though some of the pieces came together. Leino was benched, Filppula was out, Franzen was out, Hockey Hell on earth was paired together on the blue line. Oh yes, those fuckers Lebda and Meech did in fact play together and the world kept spinning. Yet despite the obstacles it was still some of the most complete hockey they have played all year. Dare I say it was Red Wings hockey? They pulled together and had a terrific game. A solid TEAM effort. It was crazy to see all the positives that came from forwards not just named Datsyuk and Helm backchecking.

This week the Wings have some seriously difficult tests. Boston on Tuesday and San Jose on Thursday. It will be an opportunity to prove that Saturday wasn’t a fluke. That when they are down two of their best players they don’t make excuses but instead come up with solutions. Ozzie will start against Boston and he MUST have a game like he did on Saturday. Anything less will place the Wings in a difficult situation especially considering three of their defensemen (Rafalski, Kronwall, Ericsson) have the flu. Dynasty's don't skate through seasons with things being easy. They take what comes to them and at them, and make the most of it.

I'll be back tomorrow with a game recap.

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  1. Wow.... Ozzie REALLY doesn't give a shit about the regular season, does he? Can you imagine Babcock benching him in favor of Howard though? We might have to make sure you have the number to your local suicide hotline....