Friday, November 13, 2009

What the hell were they drinking?

No I don't mean the Wings who won yet another game....and Jimmy Howard's second in a row. I'm talking about Larry Murphy, Ken Daniels, and Mickey.....they were full of the fucking giggles last night.

From Daniels providing fun Rascal Flats trivia...did you know their lead singer AND his wife are Canadian? To Murph suggesting the Wings third jersey have the Little Caesar's logo on it. And who knew he hated the Canuck's jersey so much? Pretty sure after that comment someone could have taken a Sammy shot to the mouth (that's what she said) and they would have all still been laughing either at or with Murph.

Yeah I certainly miss those goofy bastards when I'm stuck watching a different feed....

Anyway, the Wings had another grind it out win. Ozzie and Maltby were out with a case of flu...not sure if it was the pig flu, but none the less, the Wings tightened up again and won back to back games. I have my full thoughts here. Check it out if you're bored.

Either way I'm very confused about Howard. He once again refrained from sexual assaulting the blue line, had solid rebound control, and dare I say looked confident? I'm still waiting for confirmation that it wasn't actually Howard in net but instead the love child of Hasek and Vernon, a fucked up Ken Holland creation. It's the only thing to explain the sudden turn around. Well that or I should just shut the fuck up and stop questioning anything....and just enjoy the ride....

Oh and just because it makes me feel warm and cozy inside, I have to mention that the Penguins lost 5 of their last 6 games. And While every body and their mother is writing an article about the demise of the Wings and how much Babcock (You know Team Canada's coach, and the guy who lead the Wings to two consecutive finals appearances) sucks a Richard, they seem to gloss over the Pens struggles and instead focus on how Crosby's scoring drought is over....Fuck you Gary...


  1. You are right on about Murph's little tirade regarding the Canucks' jersey. Hilarious.

    Oh, and the Pens' suffering brings me immense joy, also. They've gotten shut out several times lately, and every time it happens, it repairs a teeny, tiny part of my soul that's broken after last year. Just a little bit.