Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hmmmm not the celebration we were looking for.....

Datsyuk said before the game on Saturday that this would be the time to "Celebrate the Stevie." Well Saturday's 5-1 loss to Toronto was certainly a piss poor way to do so. Pathetic and embarrassing.

What would Yzerman say about that shit fest. Seriously. On one knee and with his eye looking like this:

He could still skate circles around most of the Wings Saturday. Not a way to honor the Winged Wheel.
I have more of my thoughts here. I don't think this is a complete backwards step, but instead a small stumble.
So in reality the only important thing to mention about Saturday is this:

Yes that is another injury. Williams fractured his fibula and will be out for 8 weeks. If you are losing count, Franzen is out for at least 4 months, Filppula for 8 weeks with a broken wrist and now Williams.

Holland said they will not be calling up any more forwards. So perhaps they are going to dress the beer guy from section 202 or Budd Lynch. I don't know who yet, but I can tell you they will probably be better than Lebda....hell I'm starting to question why I was so rough on Chelios last year....fucking Lebda.

It's been a year of injuries and the Wings are once again going to have to overcome this obstacle. Thank baby Jesus Lebda and Bertuzzi aren't hurt. If they were I would just throw in the towel now....

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  1. Thank baby Jesus Lebda and Bertuzzi aren't hurt.

    Nice attempt at a jinx. :)