Friday, July 3, 2009

Say Goodbye to Babcock's First True Love

Well Samulesson has left the team as well. Apparently someone left the back gate open....but in all honesty this was expected as well. And I hate to say it, but I'm kinda happy to see him go. Sure he gave the Wings 40 points at a Walmart price, but still his shot was more likely to hit our Canadian neighbors than it was the back of the net. And quite frankly Dan Cleary's jaw is probably celebrating today with a shot of tequila.

So now Sammy (whos name immediately makes me think of the Quiznos slogan mmmm toasty) will be joining another Swedish contingent up in Vancouver. Who is really upset about this you ask. Well poor Mike Babcock. Did anyone think of him as they jumped ship for millions more? Did Samuelsson think about how poor babs would feel when his first true Detroit Red Wings man crush left him? No, he probably didn't. Sammy could be clutch at times, and for some reason only known to Babcock he was constantly used during the power play on the point. So today Mike may be sitting in a corner, softly crying into an Ericsson practice jersey while looking at a Darren Helm trading card thinking about what was, and comparing his new crushes to his first true love. Sigh. He should be back to normal soon.

So long Samuelsson. I know I've been a raging bitch to you over the years. But there were moments, like the clutch over time goal against Chicago where I didn't want to beat you with a hockey stick. So I'll keep this nice and sweet, just like me. Best of luck Sammy.

For a real proper farewell head over to The Triple Deke, where their write up made my sister almost pee her pants. Yes it was awkward since she's 21, but their take on everyone's favorite Samulesson warranted it.


  1. Don't forget young Justin Abdelkader - he might make the team out of training camp, depending on id Holland can locate a veteran to fill that role or not, and Babcock likes him a ton, too, along with Ericsson and Helm.

    I think he'll be okay. :-)

  2. WINGS_FAN_IN_KC says:

    Without Sammy, I'd expect to see Abbadabbadoo on the big team this year.

    Worried about Hudler arbitration though. He could get Clowe type cash awarded if Tick Tock doesn't nail this down.

    We'll take BIG RIG and Helmer on the big team this year too. Yeah, some HITTING MOTHERFUCKERS they are. That's what we need.

    I would love to see Pronger beat the shit outta Crosbaby multiple times a year. Yes, I was very happy when I heard that mouth-breathing, single brain cell, FUCK was traded to Philly. I also had to laugh at how stupid Philly is at the same time. Hacther retires so they bring in Pronger? A complete replacement for the slow footed, stupid mistake making, dumbass D-Man. The talking heads like Pierre The Douchebad always say what a great DMan Pronger is......I always respond with "WTF are you idiots talking about??" All he can do is clucth, grab, obstruct, elbow and cheap shot his way along. He's not great, he's a hack.