Friday, July 17, 2009

A kick to the balls...twice this week.

Good Morning. While enjoying your cup of coffee and planning your weekend out on the lake, check out this from the Triple Deke. Ouch. Thanks guys. Just when I thought I could avoid the Hossa/Kopecky to Chicago fiasco I was bitch slapped first thing on Friday morning....not a fun way to start the weekend. But I guess we should all get used to it....we have at least 6 encounters this year...

Here's a little blurb from Kopecky:

Kopecky, who spent the last three seasons with Detroit and had six goals and 13 assists last season, said he's equally happy to be with the Hawks and likes their chances to challenge for the Stanley Cup.
"One thing about this team is they haven't won since 1961," Kopecky said. "It's coming and we're going to do our best to do it."

Hmmm I bet those 6 goals and 13 assists are definitely worth the 1 million plus a season they are paying you. Difference maker, I swear. They should trust us Wings fans, we were fortunate enough to watch him all last season, attempt to stay up on his skates and utilize his size. Damn, he was the steal for Chicago, Detroit's secret weapon...not Hossa with his 40 plus goals. Shut the fuck up Kopecky and just be glad your Hossa's little butt buddy....I'm still glad to see him go....

Moving on.....

The Jiri Hudler to the KHL fiasco has taken an unexpected turn. Apparently the KHL will honor the arbitration decision. Hmmmmm is everyone playing nice in the sandbox now. No more wet willies and booger sandwiches. We'll see how this works out. I'm assuming arbitration rules in favor of Hudler or at least prices out the Wings and he ends up in the KHL anyway...and I'm ok with that. If you don't want to play for the Wings, than good bye.

Oh and The View From My Seats has the real reason for the Hudler explains everything....

Sigh. I'm ready for October....


  1. 6 Encounters this year...Ha! Think Kopecky can stay healthy? Think Hossa can survive 6 games of Kronwall? If I were Nik, Jr, after I smash him I'd say "Sorry Martin, er, Marian." Just for laughs.

    When do the Detroit v. Phx tickets go on sale?

  2. I would be a dirty liar if I didn't say watching either Hossa or Kopecky get Kronwalled would be incredibly entertaining....Christmas in October anyone?

    I have looked around a few places for Detroit/Phoenix tickets and there are a few on stub hub...but not many. I'm not sure when they go on sale...hopefully soon.

  3. I'm buyin' em from the Coyotes' themselves this year. Their office calls me up the day they go on sale (at least they did last year and they SAY they will this year). Hope to score good seats. But the problem is that I can't watch any other 'good' games that don't involve Detroit. Do they have any rivals? Do they play in any 'big' games? Is there a bloodfeud? Course not, it's PHX!