Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A few odds and ends

Well I'm sure most intense fans will agree that the long hockey season has a way of catching up with both players and fans alike. You have Hossa and his recently exposed shoulder injury (*cough*karma*snicker), maybe some fans who are now being reacquainted with their children, spouses, and pets, and me, well I had about 100 things I should have been doing during the playoffs but they just didn't seem as pressing. So now the summer gives us all a chance to catch up and come back down to reality, at least a bit. Intense, sometimes crazed fans may never fully become functioning members of society....but we try. Life has caught up and demanded that I start to check off my to do list, despite my Olympic level of talent for procrastination. So posting has been sparse to say the least.

Today I leave to go back to Michigan to do the whole getting married thing, and then it's off to Europe for 2 weeks. I tried to convince my fiance to go to Sweden in October and see the Wings open their season against the Blues, but somehow I couldn't quite pull that one off. Anyway, posting will be essentially non existent for a bit unless something big happens.

So I'll leave you with just a few quick thoughts on things I was planning on posting recently.

Justin Abdelkader. Thanks to the Jiri Hudler disappearing act, we will more than likely be seeing Abdelkader up with the Wings this year. I was on the fence at first, would I rather see him in Grand Rapids or Detroit? Well after considering Helm and Ericsson, the choice was easy. I'd rather Abdelkader spend another season in Grand Rapids, take a leadership role, play big minutes, and maybe learn to play on the wing if necessary. Become over ripe as creepy as that may sound. The 5 minutes he'd gain with the Wings just isn't worth stunting his development. But the question remains who the hell is left in free agency?? Yeah I tried not to say it but fuck you Hudler for this cluster you've created....

And finally, I can't not discuss this, Puck Daddy has posted that Hossa may have a shoulder injury that could keep him out until December. Ha! Despite the fact that I still respect him choosing to go, it is some karma for the Blackhawks isn't it? And doesn't it feel good? (wait does that ruin my karma if I relish in theirs? anywho) Hossa being out until December is really not a big deal. He'll go on IR and the Hawk's will be fine. But there is some humor in the whole thing. Especially when you consider they just let Havlat go with his propensity for injuries. Oh and the fact that the hockey gods just pissed in Gary's Cheerios. His home opener for the Wings just got a lot less interesting....

Can't end a post without Suck It Gary. Yep that and FYYFF will always sound right with you couple it with Gary Bettman's name. Like peanut butter and jelly, it just makes sense.

Enjoy your summer, I'll be back early August for sure.


  1. Congrats on taking the plunge, Jessie. But my condolences for not being able to join me in Stockholm come October.

  2. Strapping on the ball and chain, eh? Does the husband have any idea what he's getting into?

    And you had to TALK him into stalking the Red Wings in Sweden? What kind of man is this anyway? ;-)

    All kidding aside, congrats on getting married. Its a wonderful thing when done right! :-)

  3. Oh very late comment but congratulations on the wedding! Hope you had a wonderful time in Europe!