Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Huh, so the Coyotes will be playing....

The NHL has released next seasons schedule. And because I'm mostly concerned with myself when it comes to this sort of thing, I immediately checked when the Wings would be out to play the Coyotes. Looks like I will be able to get a game in Oct. 22 and Jan. 2. I know, I know I'm selfish, but I never wanted the Coyotes to leave for Canada because this gives me two opportunities to watch the Wings from amazing seats. And with the cluster fuck the league caused for Phoenix this year, I'm guessing prices may be even better. (But yes they do still increase the prices when the Wings are in town...)

Since I am banished to hockey hell out here in the blazing desert I'm only able to get in the two games in Phoenix and an additional one back at the Joe around Christmas....Yep I'm jealous of all the lucky bastards back in Michigan who can pick and chose their games at the Joe. Especially since the fans there know what the hell is going on and the highlight of their night is not attempting to figure out which coach is Wayne Gretzky, why there a flying Taco Bell taco in the stands, and what the fuck is an icing...oh yeah it's a hockey hot bed out here...last game I went to the girl behind me brought nail polish to paint her nails...and the only thing she cheered about was not bumping her freshly manicured hands on her cup of least she was painting them red I guess....ahhhh hockey in the desert....

Is it October????


  1. I feel your pain. That's how I felt during my internship in Florida.

  2. January 2nd eh? I know I'm heading down to Phoenix/Scottsdale area for X-mas this year, but I don't know how long I'll be staying. A Wings/Yotes game would almost make it worth the trip to such a god-forsaken land (no offense).

  3. It's my mission as well to see the Wings/Phx game twice yearly. Last year, for the first game I was told by a Cougar from Snobsdale that I was too loud when I was screaming for apparently no reason, as there was no play. I was screaming for damn good reason, asking Zata to please re-sign with us! And at the later game, I think in January, my friend that was with me said "Wooo! Coyotoes goin' to the Super Bowl!" And a loyal Wings fan shouted "Watch it, these people just might ask if there's really a Super Bowl in Phoenix." Also, the inflatable Taco Bell blimp. Also, Trampy Ice skanks. Thanks Phx!