Saturday, October 9, 2010

And That's How You Start a Season

Well, well, well that was quite a way to start the season, wasn't it? A Wings beat down, a Dangle fight, a Mickey Modano goal, and a Jimmy shut out. What more could we ask for?

I've been MIA for the last two months thanks to a series of work commitments, but with the season FINALLY starting again, I'll be back to blogging. But enough of that, let's jump right into the game recap with all its usual nonsense and jumbled, yes jumbled order.

  • It's the first game of the season, I rush out of work, settle down with a beer, and prepare myself for 2 hours of uninterrupted hockey enjoyment. And then Gary bitch slaps me in the face, like the sneaky little leprechaun bastard he is. Because despite it being the WINGS home opener, I'm forced to watch the Ducks feed. Yep, that's right, no Mickey, no Ken, no drunken Larry, and sure as hell no Bernstein beauty. Let's just say it's a good thing I was full of sunshine and happiness on account of the season finally starting.
  • Anyway, aside from my disappointment of missing the Wings feed the Ducks announcers weren't as bad as usual. Aside from a few awkward comments about Franzen giving some rough rides along the boards, they spent much of the first two periods drooling over the Red Wings....and I can appreciate that.
  • I really missed watching Helm and Eaves. While they didn't necessarily do anything overtly spectacular, I missed watching a 4th line with that kind of speed and hustle.
  • Franzen had the first goal of the season, officially announcing his return. Now can we sit him during tonight's game. You know since it's in Chicago, against the Hawks and all. I'm just being cautious.....
  • 24 seconds after the Mule's goal, Mikey Modano scored his first goal as a Red Wing....quite a way to endure him self with the Wing's faithful.
  • Filppula had a great game. Enough said.
  • Just as I was commenting how great Cleary was playing now that he could comfortably walk and all, he took a high stick. Thanks to the anal probing injuries of last year I immediately and instinctively cringed. Luckily he was fine and my response was a mere overreaction.
  • On a side note, I already fucking hate the new Center Ice Commercials. While I never expected to enjoy them, this is the NHL after all, their horrible quality and Crosby panty creaming never fails to surprise or disgust me. It's like they hired the same people that came up with this idea, to produce this amateur dribble. I need to lower my expectations.
  • During the preseason I became concerned that Ericsson, so impressed with Lebda's contract, decided to fully take over all of his horrible habits and irritatingly bad decisions. But tonight, while paired with The Perfect Human he didn't bother me as much as usual. That could be because he lasted 6 whole shifts before leaving the game with back's hoping he's ok, and here's really fucking hoping this injury is a fluke and not a sign of more to come....
  • At the start of the second period Dangle Dangle and the future captain had a few good plays before Datsyuk capitalized on an awesome tip in....I knew I missed watching those two play together, but sometimes I forgot how much.
  • Howard, while only facing 21 shots had to make a few big, key saves. While it was great to see Jimmy in form, it was concerning to see the turnovers of last year have also returned. Hopefully once the new defensive pairings play together more, the turnovers will diminish.
  • At one point in the second period, Bertuzzi had an unexpected and uncharacteristic burst of speed during a rather impressive steal.
  • And then the Duck's showed up. You know the typical and expected cheap shots to overcompensate for their lack of talent. The one time the Duck's announcers annoyed me was at this point when they bitched on and on about how the Duck's were "sending a message." What kind of fucking message would that be? That they don't belong on the same ice as the Red Wings? Because that I would agree with.
  • I thought Cleary would be awarded the first no goal of the season. And for once I honestly felt like it would have been the correct call. But for some poorly explained and ill-conceived reason, Toronto called it a good goal...WHAT? First Bertuzzi with a burst of speed, the Duck's announcers popping a boner for the Wings, and now this? I'm pretty sure this will come back to haunt us in the future....You know Gary's little pea brain has a long memory and this act of "kindness" will not be forgotten.
  • And then we get to the third period and the fight, possibly play of the season. And it happened in the season opener. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's going to be that kind of year. Fanfuckingtastic.
  • After yet another scrum, Perry skates up to Datsyuk and gives him a cheap shot. And the Datsyuk fight begins. While I was both thrilled and not surprised to see Datsyuk stand up for himself, I was seriously ready to pee my pants every time Perry swung his dainty arms. Did I honestly think Perry could hurt anyone with those pathetic fists, no, but I kept having Lilja flashbacks with every swing. At one point my husband walks in and simply says, "oh is that Perry?" Being he's not much of a hockey fan I asked how he knew that was Perry. His awesome response, "He was pulling Datsyuk's hair at the end." That's right. Not only did Datsyuk win a fight against the 6'3'' Perry, but it has officially been confirmed that Perry fights like a middle school girl. Congratulations you piece of trash.

And at this point I had to leave. I missed the rest of the game but obviously knew the Wings would end their season opener with a win, and what a fantastic way to do so. Let's hope they can do the same tonight. Against the Hawks, during their banner raising, in front of their pathetic band wagon fans. The season's begun. Let's go Red Wings.

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