Monday, October 11, 2010

The Non-Recap

Unfortunately I missed the Wings beating Chicago on their banner raising night. I was at my friends, kids birthday party, eating cake, candy, and drinking beer. Yes it was strangely as delicious as it sounds. And in between avoiding death stares from Ohio State and Michigan fans (of course I was rocking the green and white) I had the "pleasure" of chatting with a Chicago Blackhawks "fan." The conversation went a little something like this: (PG for both the kids birthday and due to my lady like tendencies)

"Chi Fan:" Hello, are you from Michigan.

Me: Why yes I am, what possibly gave it away?

"Chi Fan:" Your Michigan State T-shirt

Me: Sigh

"Chi Fan:" So are you a Red Wings fan as well? Because I'm a HUGE Blackhawks fan.

Me: Yes I am, and I'm looking forward to watching the Wings kick your teams butt when I get home tonight

"Chi Fan:" Ohhhh it's starting already?! I didn't realize

Me: Seriously? You're joshing me right?(again with the PG) It's the night of their banner raising and I'm looking forward to the Wings tarnishing that with a little old fashion ass kicking.

"Chi Fan:" huh, I honestly forgot about that....for the Stanley Cup, right?

Yep. I wish I were fucking with you. I really wish I were surprised. But a self proclaimed HUGE Blackhawks fan seemed to not only forget the season starts in October, but also, somehow, failed to remember they won the Stanley Cup last year. That's not something you forget. At least not if you truly are a HUGE fan. But anyway, I watched the game Sunday afternoon and at this point, a recap seems pointless since everything has already been said.

Other than that we can now officially say goodbye to the Lilja we all knew and grew to tolerate/like. He's a Duck now so along with applying for a new work visa, he will apply for an Official Dirty Bitch card as well.

So long Lilja. It was nice while it lasted.
Oh yeah, and we have an additional 4 years of this. Awesome.

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