Wednesday, August 4, 2010

And in Shocking News....

Hey did you all hear, Mike Modano decided to sign with the Wings.

I know, shocking. I nearly fell out of my chair.

But apparently after some deep concentration:

Some chin propping pensive thought:

A few late night gab sessions with his bff:

And of course after the final ok from Gordon Bombay, Modano decided that if he wanted one more run at the cup, his best shot would be with the Wings. Thanks for making us wait until August for that.

And in other breaking, unexpected new from yesterday:

Levi and Bristol broke up, again

Brett Favre retired, again

Michelle Duggar would like a 20th baby...her uterus was last seen hitch hiking on the interstate

And Brett Favre unretires...oh wait sorry, not yet

Now I should stop before I get ahead of myself, nothing is official, yet. This shocking announcement took place after a texting session between Modano and St. James. Who knew that outside of Hollywood and middle school cafeterias, important decisions and news worthy moments are initially communicated through text. Evidently I'm out of the loop and not down with the 40 year old kids. But none-the-less a press conference is scheduled for Friday where Modano will make his long, and I do mean long, awaited announcement.

Now I'm not going to get into the debate of whether he took too long (he did) to decide or not. Whether this is good for the Wings or not. And I'm certainly not touching the issue of whether or not Willa Ford will now steal Kristin Bell's spot in the hearts of male Wings fans every where. At this point, Modano is on the team, and you have to like the 3rd line.

Quite frankly you have to like all 4 lines. It's an impressive line up and a clear improvement from last season. The question now remains, who will be the allusive 6th defensemen? Lilja has reportedly turned down a 1 million dollar offer, Twitter has been alive with suggestions of Mitchell, and Holland said he's fine going to training camp with what he has. I suppose it's a wait and see situation.

All we know for certain, Brett Lebda is gone, and Marty Turco is in Chicago. I'm feeling pretty good about the prospects of number 12.....


  1. Concur on 12. And there was a 4 hour Duggar marathon going on in my house when I got home from work yesterday. 19 kids is a nice round number, eh?

  2. And I'm certainly not touching the issue of whether or not Willa Ford will now steal Kristin Bell's spot in the hearts of male Wings fans every where.

    No way.

  3. Thirded on the "No way" comment. Kristen Bell >>> Willa Ford.

  4. Actually, I'd pick Emma Andersson over Willa Ford. Emma's the wife of our future Captain.

  5. Speaking of Favre - I ran into this today

    It seems that Favre may have sent pics of his dong to Jenn Sterger (the chick from the sports news juggernaut "The Daily Line").

    A highlight is: "he's masturbating -- while wearing a pair of Crocs."

  6. Kristen Bell is number one. No contest.

  7. can you believe that Levi and Bristol split again? A bit of attention seeking due to the Clinton wedding perhaps?

  8. I feel really good going in to this year that we can do some great things. Last year we weren't expected to do well because people called it a "rebuilding" year, but I was real proud of how far we went considering our losses and injuries. This year I expect more, and we're dangerous enough to warrant heightened expectations.