Sunday, May 2, 2010

That Was Embarrassing

And it was embarrassing on so many different levels.

1. The Sharks should be embarrassed and their fans should be appalled by the complete lack of self respect and consistent diving shown by multiple players. I completely understand how difficult it must be for them being the laughing stock and perpetual playoff disappointments year after year. But you think they would prefer to win with honor instead of concocting a game plan which would embarrass half the professional soccer teams out there.

2. The NHL should be concerned and ashamed. In the playoffs they allow a game like that to take place. Shameful. When the Versus announcers are questioning the majority of calls, someone should be held accountable. But it's the NHL, so that won't happen. And I'm not surprised. This is a league that makes the NBA look both competent and ethical.

3. Finally, I'm embarrassed and disappointment in myself for consistently being shocked by the anti Wing bias and the incompetency of this league. If I performed my job like Brad Watson, and my companies CEO demonstrated the type of leadership Gary displays we would both be fired in this right to work state. Instead, I come back for more and get worked up each time the Wings and their fans are anally raped by the refs and the league. You would think that the revenue provided by the team and the fans would be motivation enough to call an even fair game. But clearly the bias runs deep. And we don't need a tin foil hat to see that.

Now sure the Wings took some stupid penalties at the end of the game. And yes, the penalty kill and their in ability to win face offs has been an issue. But if the game was called fairly, chances are they still could have left San Jose with a 1-1 split. Not the Wings best game, but it is a challenge working against two opponents.

I'm hoping this will be motivation for them to come back in Detroit and Win both games. To find a way to dig deep and win despite a large amount of adversity.

For a better take check out what both George and Matt had to say.

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