Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Game 3....

It's Game 3. The Wings are down 0-2 in the series. The last time this shit happened, was in 2003 when they were swept by the Ducks. That's right boys and girls, the Ducks. I know I'm sure as hell not ready for this season to be over and I don't think the Wings are either.

We haven't seen true Red Wing hockey this entire series. At times the team has seemed disjointed perhaps even a step behind the Sharks. The pathetic faceoff numbers have left Detroit chasing the puck instead of controlling the tempo with their superb puck possession game. And yes, the refs have influenced the outcome by giving the Sharks multiple, unjustified, 5 on 3 opportunities. And may I point out once again, in BOTH, yes BOTH games, the game winning goal was scored during a 5 on 3. But despite all of that. Despite outside forces and even despite being outworked by San Jose, Detroit has only lost by one goal in each game. One fucking goal.

And that's why we should feel cautiously optimistic. Why we should still hold out hope and focus some positive energy towards this team. Why this cocky and over confident San Jose team will hopefully finally meet the real Detroit Red Wings in the 2010 playoffs.

The Wings are pissed. They're mad and irritated and disappointed at the fact that they're down 0-2. They know they were ass raped for two straight games. I'm sure that's not something you generally forget. But hopefully, it's something they'll use to their advantage.

They've said the right things in the media. They know they haven't played their best, and yet you can still sense a pissed off, fired up mentality just below the surface. Which is exactly what you would hope for come this time of year.

They can let the fans worry about the refs. An awesome group of people are planning a tin foil flash mob at the Gordie Howe entrance tonight. The frustration and sentiment will be heard. And the Wings, they can focus squarely on putting the sharks back in their place.

Because this man is in playoff form. He's not ready for the season to be done. And that's a good thing for the Wings.

And because karma is a sneaky bitch with a long long memory. And I'm guessing she doesn't like diving.

And I have a feeling that Karma may use one particularly pissed off Swede to extract her revenge.

And finally, the future Captain usually plays his best when challenged. Give him Pavelski. Shut him down. It's been a slow start to the series for Zetterberg and this assignment may give him a boost. But even if Babcock keeps his previous matchups, I still expect to see a significant improvement from "Z." Because that's what real leaders do. They step up when necessary.

Game 3 boys and girls, it's do or die. A pressure packed situation. Exactly the kind of environment this group thrives on. Here we go....

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