Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Finally. The preseason begins

Thank little baby Jesus the preseason is starting. The summer was long and painful without it. Perhaps even more painful than what happened to the poor bastard on Division street in Chicago this weekend as his "possibly" drunk girlfriend chased down his cab while simultaneously beating it with her clutch. And by it, I mean the cab. But I will say even in 4 inch stilettos she probably would challenge Helm for the speed award. Girl was talented.

But anywho, speaking of Helm, the damn kid went and hurt himself in training camp. Sticks on the ice have become my new night terror. Between Ericsson getting tangled up with a stick behind the Detroit net last season, and now Helm, I've had enough. Animal Drew of course has the video clip of the whole accident. I said before I didn't think he could keep his playoff pace up all season, but I may take that back. He's continuously giving 110%. And now he's out 2-4 weeks which is better than I thought. My sister nearly caused me to have a slight panic attack when she sent me a message that Helm tore his ACL. Luckily that's not the case, and don't worry I just kicked my own ass for even typing that. Instead he's out with a shoulder injury, which has made way for Michigan State's own Justin Abdelkader. Not sure how Babcock is going to distribute all his man love this season. It's like a fricken orgy of favorites in the line up. Helm, Ericsson, a little Abdelkader, you know he's saying "Sammy who?"

Alright moving on. There is a battle of the ages taking place in goal. It's like a clash of the titans. Wait, that seems like a gross over exaggeration. Perhaps I should say the Battle of Mediocrity? No that sounds bitchy. Whatever, it's a battle between Howard and Larsson to be Ozzy's backup. Who's in the lead you ask? I have no fucking idea. I'm sure Howard, he did let in 3 goals on 15 shots. Yeah I laughed and then had a stiff drink.

That's all I care to say about that right now. Let's move onto a positive note, tonight's line up.

Johan Franzen-Pavel Datsyuk-Tomas Holmstrom
Kris Draper-Justin Abdelkader-Patrick Eaves
Mattias Ritola-Kris Newbury-Jan Mursak
Johan Ryno-Cory Emmerton-Jeremy Williams

Nicklas Lidstrom-Jakub Kindl
Derek Meech-Brian Rafalski
Jonathan Ericsson-Andy Delmore

Jimmy Howard
Daniel Larsson

I'm really excited to see Kindl play along side Lidstrom on the first pairing. Its like a drunken Christmas morning for him. I also think the more time Meech can be paired with Lidstrom and Rafalski will be very beneficial. That poor kid is like the puppy raised by the miniature donkey. He really has no fucking clue what the hell he is. As far as Homer and Franzen on the same line, I've never been overly excited about that combination. But at least Dangle Dangle is back in action....unlike his European twin.

Never a warm fuzzy feeling of sunshine and rainbows shooting out your ass when Zetterberg has already tweaked his groin. But if the Wings can get through a whole season without forcing me to discuss a catastrophic testicle injury, well I'm one happy girl.

Tonight's the first pre season game. Casual fans could care less, but I'm about as excited as Gary Bettman when he puts on his Chaka Khan record and glittery hot pants after a long day of destroying the NHL. Can't wait. It's FINALLY HERE.

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  1. FYI: I said "AC" not "ACL". I must defend myself ;)