Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Coyotes 5 Wings 4 OT

Yes that really fucking just happened. Normally I would say that game was a kick to the balls, a paper cut on the scrotum, but I don't think that fully explains it. This game was more than just painful, the outcome was embarrassing. I equate it more to the feeling that I am sure the genius on my study abroad had when on the first night of the program, he got shit faced drunk, sang "God Bless the USA," in a french karaoke bar, took a few kicks to the balls himself and woke up hungover in a French jail. See painful and embarrassing.

I missed most of the first period thanks to a hefty dose of Phoenix traffic, but from what I hear the Wings played well. Datsyuk scored the first goal, and apparently Kronwall looked good.

The beginning of the second period was less than impressive. Zetterberg took his second tripping penalty of the game and the Wings looked out of place and sloppy.

Lebda and Ericsson were, well Lebda and Ericsson, with our giant friend essentially watching the Coyotes first power play goal. I am sending a search party to find the Ericsson of last season....Perhaps we can employee Andy from Fight Night at the Joe to head over to Sweden and see if he is hiding out there.

But if that weren't bad enough, Phoenix ends up taking the lead. Awful. Just awful. But in true form, the Wings fucked with our emotions. They teased us and toyed with us. Allowed us to hope. Because on the next play, Patrick Eaves, yes fucking Patrick Eaves, scored. The Draper, Helm, and Eaves line is like a shot of penicillin to a bad does of syphilis, just what this team needs.

With the game tied 2-2, I hear the Versus announcers inform us that Zetterberg has gone back to the dressing room. I assume they are mistaken, because well this is Versus and they just played their impressive theme song during a 2 on 1 rush. But no he really did. Terror struck, the stages of grief whipped by. One by one. I began questioning how the Wings could get one Swede back just to lose another. How this season is going through players faster than a college freshman goes through STDs. But luckily he came back. Perhaps I should send the Wings a bill for the ulcer I must be developing.

There has been a great deal of talk all season about Lidstroms lack of production. Personally it never concerned me. I honestly believe he was revamping and adjusting his game to deal with the injuries. He needed to play more conservatively and with his rotating partners, he needed to make sure he was always in position to get back. With Ericsson and now Kronwall in the line up, I think he can re transform his game once again. The two fantastic goals tonight were a giant shut the fuck up to any Lidstrom detractors. Oh and Mike Green, that is how a Norris winning, Olympian plays defense. Yes Defense.

While Lidstrom was having a great game, Stuart certainly was not. He was on the ice for everyone of the Coyotes 4 goals. Yes, I said four goals, because for the second game in a row, the Wings blew a 2 goal lead faster than a cheap prostitute behind a dumpster. Pathetic. With 21 seconds remaining they lost Jimmy his win.

And overtime wasn't much better with the Coyotes scoring and taking the 2 points Detroit needed so badly. Wow. If it were possible to fuck yourself in the ass, that is exactly what the Wings did tonight. The crowd was into it, they had a 2 goal lead, and yet with the bar closing at 2 am and their date sufficiently drunk, they still couldn't close the deal. They still couldn't bring her home. Next up Minnesota.

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