Thursday, December 9, 2010

Put Down The Urine

So this year has been a "cutefest" (I'm choosing to reinterpret the meaning of cutefest to shitfest) of work, work, more work, and work. This has left me unable to watch more Red Wings games then I can to share and the ones I have been able to enjoy, I either miss the first period, or leave during the third and have to catch up on my DVR. Which never seems to fucking work because I'm as bad as a kid who finds all of their Christmas presents early....I can't wait for the surprise and I need to find out the score.

Well anyway, the last 3 games I have been able to catch in their entirety. Yes, I admit it, the last three. Now you may be quick to point out how I'm now bad luck or a game wrecker, or blah blah blah. It's cool, others have already shared those sentiments with me rather loudly, I'm a big girl, I can take it. But I have a different, much more scientific explanation for you....

And it all stems from that handsome devil at the top of the post....yes the guru of all things good and bad, George Lopez. (golf claps)

Now on one of my recent nights propped up in front of my lap top sustaining myself on espresso and oreos (classy) I became very interested in an episode of the George Lopez show. Now hold your judgement, while not normally a fan, it was late, I was hopped up on sugar and caffeine, and as a result, my judgement became similar to that of a 12 year old. Anyway, this particular episode focused on his mother vigorously rubbing pee on his face and insulting him daily because she believed if you praised something the evil eye would take it away. No not that eye, the evil eye.

Now hold on, I know you probably want to dive into the complexities of that beyond brilliant episode, but this is a Wings blog so lets round this out and bring it back to the Wings shall we? In recent weeks every "hockey expert," every "closet" Wings hater, every blogger in his mommy's basement (why not call it a cozy private apartment?) have been bemoaning how great the Wings are. Yes every compliment may have pierced their soul while simultaneously allowing an angel to gain its Wings (Red Wings), but they had no fucking choice...the Wings were (and are) that good. And now the evil eye, no I said evil eye, came around to smite the Wings. Perhaps the ever brilliant (cough cough sarcasm) Lambert from Puck Daddy viewed the recent George Lopez episode and began a campaign to collectively fuck with the Wings? If you're a fan of another team, you had to try something.

But no matter what's happened. Whether we like it or not, the Wings are in a MINOR slump. MINOR. I don't think it's time to begin rubbing our own urine on our faces or brushing our teeth with some other sort of body excrement (never recommended) because you and I both know they'll pull through this just fine on their own.

So in the mean time, just sit back, and wait for the haters to come, enjoy it, reveal in it. Because it's good to be a Wings fan.

And since it's the season of child like wonder, if you're looking for a reason to smile and and reconfirm the world is a good place, just remember how happy Murph was because it was dollar hot dog's the little things...